Photo of the site at Ecology Island Gravesend

Ecology Island Gravesend

Following on from the success of our Ecology Island project in Dartford we have expanded by starting up a new group at Gravesend in partnership with North Kent Mind and Gravesend Borough Council. The focus is still on the benefits of being out in nature on our participants wellbeing and mental health but just in a slightly different setting. The group have a variety of activities they will be able to get involved in which include getting in waders and clearing overgrown vegetation from the site’s dell, clearing weeds from flower beds, litter picking, wildlife id walks and natural arts and crafts to name a few.

Currently this project’s funding has ended but we are hopeful we may secure new funding in the future to continue the project.

If you are potentially interested in joining Ecology Island to help improve your mental health and also the environment then please get in contact either with us or North Kent Mind.

Stephanie Johnson at NWKCP:

Lawrence Camilleri at North Kent Mind:

North Kent Mind: 01322 291380


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