Environmental conservation should improve not only the quality of landscapes and habitats but also provide the means for local communities to enjoy them.

We work to establish and build relationships between people and nature.

The process can include: researching, engaging, involving, advising, planning, training or offering practical delivery.

As communities often need a helping hand at one or more stages of a project, this is a role the Partnership can easily fulfil.

  • Establish friends of groups
  • Provide training to make user groups more self-sufficient
  • Bottom-up approach: Enabling local communities take longer-term ownership
  • Consultation: Including surveys/forums, Open space strategies
  • Funding: Identifying funding sources / helping local groups apply for funding
  • Management Plans: Incorporating land management, community participation, training, project management and budgeting
  • Local participation: Schools, church groups, parish councils and friends of groups, providing opportunities to volunteer
  • Interpretation: Creating, delivering and installing interpretation plans and materials
  • Hosting community events from planting to photography to improve connections with nature

Some of our community projects

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